Monday, September 16, 2013

Dressing and Salad

I like to pack a lunch and go out for the day with my dogs and I like the freshness of salad when I have been driving.
I dont like limp or wet salad which happens when you leave salad with dressing for a few hours before you eat it sooooo

I put my salad dressing into its own little bottle and add it to the salad when I am ready to eat. I will also freeze my dressing and put the frozen bottle in with the salad so it keeps my salad fresh, crisp and cold and the dressing has melted by the time I want to eat. This is also good for kids lunches.
I also use these little bottles for sauces if I decide to buy takeaway when traveling and soapy water so I can wash my hands on the side of the road lol
I buy these little bottles from the cheap shop and they are the ones now used for people traveling on planes who want to carry on liquids. They usually come in packs of four or six bottles and I use the pump bottle for rose water which I spray on my face when I am tired or hot and I carry a pump pack with a disinfectant and water mix for those oops moments lol and they are so small you can pop them in your bag or pockets as well

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