Monday, September 23, 2013

Single serve designer Icecream

We all have dinner parties or visitors and we often wish we had something cute and easy  to serve for dessert and more so something that is creative and has great presentation so how about this.

 cool icecream excuse the pun lol

here is an idea for those of who don't have enough to do in our day already ROFL

buy icecream (the cheaper the better) and let it melt a little then put into a shallow tray and freeze it. I will often add grated chocolate or broken up biscuits which I mix through ( what ever sweet biscuits are on sale) or tim tams and some times lollies then once it is frozen use a cookie cutter to cut out perfect and cute size portions, leave in freezer until needed for that special dinner.

no waste and everyone loves it and it makes you look very clever.

If you use a round cutter or a poached egg ring you can cut perfect round serves of ice cream which fit wonderfully between two biscuits making the best ice-cream pie and yes these can also be frozen.

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