Sunday, October 6, 2013

CheeseCake no bake &139 cal per serving

 I love this cheese cake and make it often lol

Here is recipe for raspberry cheesecake with only 139 cal per serving and it is very low in fat, this will hold the worst sweet craving at bay lol.
I have modified this from the original so it works a little better.

1 x pack of low fat cream cheese

1 x 200 oz tub of low fat raspberry yoghurt

2x packets of raspberry jelly and the diet ones are really sweet lol

4oz of crushed biscuits, I use ginger nuts

2oz of melted butter


Make one pack of jelly with 150 mils of water and set aside

crush biscuits add melted butter and press onto base of small cake time.

Whip cream cheese and yoghurt together and add in the jelly which was set aside earlier the
Pour mixture into tin over biscuit base and place in fridge to set.

Make second raspberry jelly with 250 mils of water set aside for half an hour then pour over top of nearly set cheese cake.

Here is a couple of slices FROM ONE I made earlier , help yourself

Thats it folks and it is Fabulous and will not only impress it will help with the sweet issues lol.
Takes about n hour to set with no cooking required

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