Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Crock pot / Slow cooker bread

Everyone is trying to save money especially when it comes to electricity and of course for me personally living in the sub tropics and dealing with the humid heat I will do anything to avoid turning the oven on in the summer lol.

I make no knead bread a lot because it is just so easy and inexpensive but cooking it in the oven kind of detracts from the savings I am trying to make especially with electricity so I decided to give my slow cooker a go and my bread turned out so fantastic I had to share it.
 I  hope you also enjoy making, eating and saving money with this bread

No Kneed Bread recipe is really simple

3 cup of plain flour
1/4 teaspoon of instant yeast
and enough water to make sure your dough is mixed well and wet not dry.
 Mix these ingredients in a bowl and cover with glad wrap (or shower cap to save on plastic)  leave on your bench for at least 12 hours.

here is a link if you want see full  instructions on making no Knead bread


once you have made your dough 


 A slow cooker lined with grease proof paper or brown paper

flour the paper

Turn your Cooker to HIGH and put on lid

COOK FOR TWO HOURS on high  and try to not remove the lid as it lets heat out

here is the end result,  beautiful bread which is lovely and soft and perfect for sandwiches , it is crisp on the bottom

and if you want a crusty bread the  put under your grill for a few minutes to get it to look like this
here is what the bread looks like inside and it has not been under the grill as I like soft bread

Light,  airy and lovely
Please enjoy

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