Sunday, December 15, 2013


Holiday hobbies for kids
Fairy gardens are inexpensive to make and allow the whole family to be creative on a budget. Watch the idea flow and remember to line the basket with your recycled plastic bag before putting the dirt in Share photos of your fairy gardens

Baskets are in every op shop you visit and of course your local tip, I especially like using the stacking vegetable. Herb gardens are so great and look fantastic but honestly for a great effect use ground cover plants, they look good all year, and will brighten up your home and yard

 Outdoor tables can be a bit bland so how about screwing a jar lid to the underneath of the table after you have put a big hole in the lid and when every you want to quickly brighten up the table , just fill your jar with water and add flowers

There are lots of silly shoes at op shops and by removing the upper cover you find a great space to plant a garden and how effective will this look at your front door or on your table

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