Friday, December 27, 2013

Lemon bomb toilet cleaner

Easy, good for the plant and it works
Thanks to Camp Wonder for the instructions and photos


For a lemony clean add a 5 to 6 drops of Lemon   I get mine from Big Tree Supplies in Brisbane Love their quality and price

1 Cup Vinegar and 1 Cup Baking Soda...

I would suggest you combine the ingredients in the following order :)

First of all, choose a large jug , pan or bowl because once you combine all the ingredients the mad, mad fun begins!  Add the Lemon EO and the white vinegar first, then dump in the baking soda and watch the magic!  Actually, you might want to grab it and run because it grows rather quickly!  There was maybe 2 seconds between photos, and look how it grew! 

Apologizing in advance!  Somehow it doesn't seem right to post a photo of a toilet bowl :-/

But you've got to see this!  Once you drop the contents into the bowl it fills up with this thick, glorious, lemony, foamy cleaning genius that works amazingly well!  I let the magic sit for awhile...then flush it down and clean the pipes too!
SIMPLE ingredients!  
Good for you, the planet AND your plumbing!  I use this basic recipe for unclogging my kitchen sink so consider it a bonus to that sparkling commode, the plumbing gets a good cleanse too!

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