Sunday, December 8, 2013

Long term dry goods storage

Buying in bulk is a smart move but honestly how long does it take one person to eat 20 kilos of rice or beans lol.

Here is a very easy storage tip allowing you to purchase bulk dry goods and still keep them fresh and usable for years saving you lots of money, PLUS you get to recycle.

TIP ONE you MUST HAVE dried Bay Leaves or the whole things will go pear shape.

Collect soft drink bottles and believe me even if you don't buy them your friends will, so recycle theirs.

Clean and dry the plastic bottles. I leave mine on the window ledge for a few days to make sure there is no moisture in them at all

Here is the MOST IMPORTANT   part next to making sure the bottles are dry.

PUT TWO bay leaves in the bottom each bottle. Bay leaves are very cheap to buy at any supermarket This packet was under $2.00

bay leaves in the bottom of the bottle

Add your rice, lentils, beans, sprouts etc, I used this packet as I wanted to show how far two kilos would go.

 screw on lids,  2 kilos filled nearly two 750 ml bottles

awww how cute

Easy to store and should last for up to 15 years so I am told from the homesteaders forums  AND no insects etc will get into the bottles plus the bay leaves stop any insects from hatching  that are already in the dry goods when you store them

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