Thursday, December 12, 2013

Recycled Pet Bed

What you need:

  • Scissors
  • Thread and some yarn
  • Thick sewnig needle
  • Meter
  • Pins (optional chalk and ruler)
  • Used hoodie
  • Acrylic blanket or pieces of cloth
  • Cushion filling or a pillow(45cmx45cm)
  • A flap ( for closing the sleeves)
Turn your sweatshirt inside out. Gather the edges of the collar and sew them with a thread or use a sewing machine if you want it faster. Leave a small piece open.

 Mark a straight line from one armpit to the other. If you prefer, use a ruler and chalk to mark on the fabric. Sew, joining the front and back of the grid, following the path. Remove the pins.

 Put the sleeves along the body of the sweatshirt and pin to the sides (as shown on the picture). Leave the cuffs without sewing them.

 Insert acrylic blanket, foam or even chopped leftover fabrics through the cuffs to form the edges of the bed.

 Fill the belly of the top with cushion stuffing or a pillow.

 Join the cuffs sewing them together, you can also use the sewing machine if you like.

 Take one piece of other fabric and put it around the cuffs so that it would cover the sewed part. Sew it with a regular stitch and turn it inwards.

cover sleeve joins if you like 
Thanks to Handimania for her instructions and photos


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