Tuesday, December 24, 2013

SHAKE IT UP salt and pepper Lids

Want to know what to do with those salt and pepper shakers you see in op shops all across the country
How about this, AND ITS EASY TO MAKE

1.salt and pepper lids  (Op shops or our nan's lol)

2.dowel (any hardware store and cheap as chips)

3.E6000  Glue

4. A picture of something  cool to wrap around the dowel ( I prefer fabric lol)

5.Diamante chain, (most craft stores or ebay)

1.Get your salt and pepper lids and find the dowel that fits snugly inside, then cut your dowel to the desired length

2.Wrap your dowel in what ever  cool picture you have or in my case I prefer fabric lol

3.Glue the ends of the dowel then place the salt and pepper lids one on each end and let dry, this wont take long as the E6000 is a very good quality glue.

4. Glue the diamante chain into place and of course it is up to you where you want to put it.

5. Using a thin wire which can be poked through the salt or pepper holes make a ring to hold the chain.
6.  Add your chain


 6.  To protect the stones from coming loose and to stop the diamante chain from discolouring I either spray with glue or paint with clear nail polish as this will protect it for years.

The finished pendant is by Kathy Thompson,

Love your  up-cycling  Kathy

1 comment:

  1. I love these and making them is so much fun, I see old salt and pepper shakers in every op shop I go to and I am sure you do as well


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