Saturday, January 18, 2014

Crazy way to grow a bumper tomato crop

When you think of tomatoes , you probably think about nice healthy soil, maybe trellises or stakes, and maybe, I don't know, hardy heirloom seeds. What probably does not come to mind right away is a BUCKET
Who knew, but a simple plastic garbage can OR BUCKET could be the secret to growing a garden tomato crop with the most voluptuous fruits and leaves that you have ever grown. . Do you want to know the  secret? OK, I'll tell you.
 Started by buying a small, round, plastic bucket , drill holes in it  around the bottom rim, and "a second row up about ten inches." Bury the wastebasket so that the second row of holes are just above the ground.  FILL the bucket  with two large shovels-full of compost top with hay or straw.
PLANT four tomato plants around the bucket , and put up a round tomato cage around them. Every two days, Fill up the little Bucket  with water. Easy, eh?

 What a winner

and this process gives rapid growth with usually a bumper crop so give it a go.

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