Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cheese making workshops Lyndall Dykes

BEST COURSE EVER and it teaches you how to live on less and live well.

I did a one day cheese making workshop with Lyndall Dykes and I have to say it would have the be the best course I have ever done and in my many years on this earth I have done a few lol

 There are a couple of reasons I did Lyndalls cheese making course, and they are the price as it was under $200 for the day and it was a ONE DAY WORKSHOP not a two day workshop. I have found that two day workshops are exhausting so I try and avoid them. I have made three lots of cheese since I arrived home and love it, plus I am amazed at how easy it is to remember what I was shown and honestly the notes we are given are kind of idiot proof lol. I would recommend this workshop to anyone and would love to know if anyone has done a cheese making course and what you think of what you learned.

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