Saturday, February 8, 2014

Circular Needle Storage

Can’t get any easier than this, the 15-minute circular needle holder.

Stuff you need
Cotton spools, wooden would look better
Approx 1 1/2 – 2 yards fishing wire
Permanent markers (I used a silver paint pen and a sharpie)
Scraps of yarn or fabric
Glue (hot glue gun was weapon of choice for me)
Note on the spools – mine have 1/4″ hole which fits up to a US size 10 needle. This was adequate for me, but if you require ones for larger sizes you can drill or use a needle file to enlarge the opening, or look for a larger diameter spool.
What to do with it
First, label all your spools with the appropriate needle size. For my end spools I wound a piece of scrap yarn around the spool and secured it with a dot of glue. A piece of fabric cut to size would also look nice. You could obviously embellish these however you like. I went with simplicity (also known as “easy”). Next cut a length of wire about 1 1/2 – 2 yards long, I just kinda eyeballed it. Thread wire though first spool and hold in half so both lengths of wire are equal. Following the diagram below, weave the wire in and out of each spool.

Then, once the last spool is wired on, twist the remaining two wire lengths around each other and fold into a hook shape. Trim ends and load up with all those unruly needles.


Thanks to pieknits for the tutorial and photos

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