Friday, March 7, 2014

DIY Fairy and Gnome Doors

Fairy Garden Tools

 Gather stuff from around the house…  popsicle sticks, raid the sewing tins and junk drawers for buttons, thumbtacks, jewelry.  Gorilla Wood glue, with hopes that they will hold up to water outdoors and in fairy garden containers. Craft glue, silicone or waterproof glue

 You will work out what tools you need as you create and all good crafters have an interesting selection of tools lol

Fairy Garden Door Construction

Its a rather straightforward process. Lay popsicle sticks out to create the design you want. Cut two cross pieces to hold it all together and glue. Pick out cool buttons, charms from old jewelry, moss and glue it on. Wood stain on some, paint on others and left some bare. Here are the first two. To get the button to lay flat, I cut a small hole in the stick with an exacto or box cutter knife and glued the button in.

Add some color! “Feng shui says that red doors are good luck.” “In China, it’s tradition to paint the front door red before the new year, to invite good luck and happiness.” “In Catholocism, the red door on a chapel symbolized the blood of christ to signify that the ground inside the church was holy, and a sanctuary from physical and spiritual evils.” “In Ireland, front doors are painted red to ward-off ghosts and evil spirits.” And last but not least, “It is just a ‘pop’ of color for a house.”

Thanks to Roots Nursery for the photos and instructions


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