Tuesday, April 1, 2014

10 minute Chicken Bean bags

down load the PDF for a quick pattern


1: Basically, you just lay out the pattern pieces in the upper right corner of the long rectangle of fabric.

2: Bring the bottom of the fabric to the top with the fold along the bottom. Pin to keep beak and details in place. Stitch top and right side, leaving left side open.

3: Turn right side out. Add an eye. You can hand sew this or use a sharpie pen like we did. Very gently so that it doesn’t bleed.

4: Fill 1/3 with fiber fill and 1/3 with rice or small beans. Leave the rest open to allow room to close the bottom.

5: To turn your bean bag into a pyramid shaped one vs. a flat square, line up your seams so that the side seam lies flat as the back of the chicken. The front seam where the beak is and the back seam will line up and it will turn into the pyramid shape.  Turn under raw edges and pin closed.

Stitch to close

Thanks to Gluesticks for photo and tutorial

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