Sunday, May 11, 2014

Light switch plates DIY

I love this idea nd of course you can make anything you like to cover those switches

Step 1: First step, the teeth!

 First of all, you will need some clay, or polymer clay to sculpt some teeth.
You can do as many as you want, I made 6 of them for each side of the mouth.
Next, you have to bake them in the oven with the propre time depending on the material you're using.


Step 2: Second step, the gum!

 After you got your harden teeth, place a small amount of clay on the top of the switch plate to create the gum.
Then, place your teeth into it, and make it look like real gum, like if their bases were buried inside the gum.




Step 3: Third step, repeat step 2 but for the other side

Turn the plate around and repeat the process for the bottom teeth


Step 4: Fourth step, the lips

  With some clay, add lips to that mouth.
When it's done, add some skin for the cheek.

Now you have to bake it if you're using polymer clay, or let it dry if it's air-dry clay.




Step 5: PAINT IT!

 Next step is to paint it.
Be creative! you can make it look gross like a zombie or like a normal human too.



Step 6: Almost done!

  An unnecessary step you can do, is to add some liquid latex to the skin parts, and some crystal clear acrylic to the teeth and gum.


*Bonus* you can add a tongue over the switch :)

Thanks to Danny 1992 for the tutorial

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