Monday, June 30, 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014

EASY TO MAKE Concrete ornaments


I used a little dense foam (Recycling)

* An electric knife (magic tool)

this knife is just great for cutting foam it is a trick upholsterers use , 

Use pro cement and water  (fast drying)
 the dough should be thick enough and liquid as a waffle batter.

Trace the shape you want
Cut with the  electric knife  

Soak the foam in the mixture,
and squeeze the foam a few times to make sure the cement has soaked in (WEAR GLOVES)

Dry flat on baking paper in the sun and remember it will take some time to dry all the way through

Old cot display rack

I love this idea for using the sides of an old cot. what  great way to display rugs, towels  etc

Old crib or cot Black Board

This is such a great idea and all you need is the ends of a cot and some black board paint

Plant markers

Give broken pots a new lease on life by turning them into plant markers.



bobbin holders

Toe separators make the best bobbin holders and how cool is this tip

Non slip sewing machine pressure foot

Scotch Tape on the bottom of your sewing machine's presser foot to create a "non-Stick" presser foot to sew vinyl, oil cloth, leather, etc. -- GENIUS!



Bendy hair clips instead of pins -

Bendy hair clips instead of pins - as long as you remember to take them off before sewing over them, This is a great idea for fabric that we do not want pin holes in

No spilt pins

glue a couple of magnet to the bottom of the dish or container you use to store your pins, this is great should you knock the container over

never lose your scissors again

Grab a piece of ribbon long enough to wear as a very long necklace, loop your snips through it, and tie it around your neck. Now you’ll like a true seamstress, and never lose your scissors again!

double needle thread hack

I don’t have a lot of experience with a double needle. If you do, you probably know how great they can be when it comes to making double...