Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to Clean between Oven Window Glass

Step 1: Remove the drawer from below the oven.

Step 2: Build a cleaning contraption.  Luckily I had saved a wire hanger from the dry cleaners, for just an occasion like this!

 I straightened the hanger and then attached a cleaning wipe to the hook on the end.  Use a rubber band to secure the wipe, to make sure you don’t lose it in between the glass!

Spray windex onto your wipe or cloth or use windex wipes

Step 3: Lay down on the floor and look under the door of your oven.  You will see slots between the oven door and the  window glass, that look like these. Some ovens have these slots on the top of the door

 Step 4: Slide the cleaning “contraption” up through the slats.

 Push it up between the oven window glass, cleaning from side to side as you move it up, farther into the door.

 Step 5: Pull the cleaning “contraption” out of the slots when you are done cleaning between the window glass.  If your glass is really dirty it might take a couple of wipes to get it all clean.  I was surprised to see how dirty mine was!

 Step 6: Enjoy your clean, streak-free oven door!

Thanks to Anna for the tutorial

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