Friday, September 19, 2014

Spoon me

I come across a lot of pretty silverware in different patterns in my travels as an antique dealer.  I've taken an assortment of old spoons in various sizes and shapes and combined them with old costume jewelry bits to make pendants.  This project is really easy and fun, so you might want to give it a try!

start with assorted spoons:

 The spoons can be put in a vise grip and partially bent, then cut with a hack saw.  Finish bending after cutting to make a loop for the chain:

 The proper way to use E-6000 is to apply the glue to the area, then slide your item onto the glued area.  It creates a better bond to slide the item rather than simply placing it onto the glued area.

 Some of the items I glued into the spoons were earrings with the backs removed.  Some of the other bits were small brooches.  The pinbacks can be easily removed with wire clippers.

 I had so much fun picking out the jewelry bits from my stash:

 The pendants would look fine on a simple black cord or silver ball chain.  A more elaborate beaded chain could be used too.  The possibilities are endless!

Thanks Mitzi for the tutorial and photos 

Use the tops of the spoons as key rings.
Bend the ends over a ring and preto 


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