Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DIY: ombre string

this method produces subtle color variations reminiscent of tie dye

  • you will need some dye (i used a powdered Dylon dye left over from a previous project)
  • cotton kitchen string (2 balls for $1 @ the bargain shop)--not the skinny one, you want to be able to see your color gradations + they show up better on thicker string
  • bamboo skewers (or a pencil or piece of dowel)-long enough to rest on top of your bowl
  • glass bowl, aluminum pie plate/dish or an old yogurt or sour cream container

  1. add cold water to the dye (or warm water according to directions on pkg) leaving about 1/4" - 1/2" from top of bowl
  2. insert bamboo skewers through string ball + suspend over bowl, so that 1/2 of the ball of string is submerged
  3. submerge for 10 minutes
  4. rotate string ball to the other side + submerge for 50 minutes
  5. unravel + hang to dry
  6. once dry, you can submerge again for 10 minutes if you want to dye any white sections of the string.
  7. experiment with "dipping" times for desired color hues. typically for ombre the first dip should be for the least amount of time, then keep dipping for longer periods to develop the color gradations that are typical of 'ombre'

    let dry completely + rewind into a ball or onto a spool, card or bobbin
    when i was unwinding the "dipped" string to allow it to dry i could see how saturated the color was and when it started to fade that is where i cut the length off.
    then i dipped the string ball in the dye bowl a second time
    this time i let it sit for 50 minutes almost entirely submerged except for a small section. then i dipped that section for 10 minutes.

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