Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Natural Teeth Whitening

I know this picture can look a little crazy...< So Here me out..... lol Yes, you will be putting activated charcoal on your teeth to whiten them. But, trust me. It works!! All of these are just after a 5 minute scrub!

First step is to buy activate charcoal, any brand is fine. This is what I found on amazon or any health food shop sells it.

Break a capsule in half and use half a capsule to apply to teeth. Brush with your toothbrush or scrub with your finger. You want to get it all over your teeth and mouth as this will also help with bad breath. Yes, it is black but no, it will not stain. It is awesome. 

It leaves your teeth feeling extra clean and they will be whiter of course. Activated charcoal is what you will find in all of your store bought whitening stripes you pay loads of money for. Activated charcoal is the ingredient that removes staining from coffee, teas and cigarettes. This will work better, cost less, and is all natural. It wont have any extra chemicals that are found in your store bought strips.

Here are some before and after pictures .

Thanks to live, laugh and love with Lana for the tutorial

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