Saturday, December 20, 2014

Make Tiny Pom Poms With A Fork!

1) you will need some wool and a prong-y fork.
2) wrap the wool around the outer two prongs until it gets really fat.
3) once you are ready, cut the end of the wool and using a new small piece or a little thread, bunch the wool together and tie really tightly so it is secure. Do this in the middle of the pom pom in between the prongs to make sure it’s central and not squinty…
4) take your wool off the fork and cut all the loops. Be sure to get them all; they can be cheeky!
5) trim all the extra long straggly bits so it is big, round and beautiful..
Cute and simple and ready for anything!
We like to use these little bad boys to flourish gifts for our nearest and dearist. All you need to do is wrap some wool round your gift and use a glue dot to hold it into place. Beautiful!
Thanks to Miss Vicky Viola for the tutorial

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