Monday, January 26, 2015

Preserving Herbs in Honey

Preserving Herbs in Honey
Honey is a another wonderful preservative and is great for making tasty preparations that can be used in cooking or as medicines. I keep a large jar of garlic cloves infused in honey in my refrigerator all winter long- when I’m feeling like a cold is coming on, I try eat a clove every hour until I’m feeling better.

 I also like to preserve herbs such as lemon balm and anise hyssop in honey. Above you see an herbal honey that I made by combining these two herbs with some ginger. To make it, I chopped all the herbs fine, placed them in my jar, and then filled it to the top with honey (I prefer to use honey that is raw and local, but any kind is fine). Like the other herbal preparations, you should allow your herbal honey to infuse for 6 weeks or more before you use it. Herbal honeys can be used for their yummy flavor on toast, in tea, or they can be taken by the spoonful as medicines for sore throat and other ailments.

Thanks to Healthy Green Kitchen for the Tutorial


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