Monday, January 26, 2015

Preserving Herbs in Salt

Preserving Herbs in Salt

 This method is new for me this year, and I am trying it with shiso leaves and basil. Doing this is very simple: you just make alternating layers in a jar of herbs and coarse salt. Put a thicker layer of salt on the bottom of your jar and at the top, but between each layer of herbs, you just need enough to cover the leaves of the herbs you are using. I’m going to store my jars of salt preserved herbs in the refrigerator, and I plan to use both the herbs and the salt in recipes.

 I imagine that after the herbs have infused in the salt for a while, you could also pulverize them together and use as a seasoning. This is true of the herbal sugars, as well: feel free to blend them up to make sprinkling into recipes easier.

Thanks to Healthy Green Kitchen for the tutorial 

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