Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sewing up knitting or crochet with an invisible stitch.

Here goes

Having lined up your middle squares of the first row ready to be sewn up, thread your needle with some yarn.  Use yarn that is thinner than the yarn used to make your square. I used DK yarn to make my square, so, to sew the squares together, I'm using 4-ply yarn.

 Although I have four squares in each row of my scarf, I am going to start by sewing up the centre of the middle two rows of squares.
 Make sure your squares are all lying with the right side, (the front), facing up. Then take up the right hand square of your first row.
1. Now I'd like you to put your needle  up and through the bar, on the edge of the BOTTOM LEFT hand side of that square, as I've done in the photo above.

 2. Now take hold of the next square in this row, the one to the left of your first square.
This time, you will be taking your needle up and through the bar, in the chain that is at bottom RIGHT hand side of your square.

 Now I'd like you to keep your squares flat on your work surface for the rest of your joining up.
3. Take your needle through and up the side of the chain, as before, on the edge of the next stitch, of your RIGHT hand square. The square you worked into first.
Sometimes it's difficult to find that 'bar' on the edge of your crochet, so as you can see in the photo above, I have just gone through and up, the outer edge of the next chain up, in that square.

 Above you can see how your stitch is starting to look. It won't be 'invisible' yet, that comes soon!

 4. Next I'd like you to take your yarn up and through the edge of the chain stitch, above the last one you went through, in your second square.

 5. Now carry on repeating the instructions I've just given you, all the way up the sides of your squares, till you reach the top of each side.
Now for the fun bit, making your stitches invisible!

 Take hold of the yarn hanging out the bottom of your 'ladder', running up the middle of your two squares. Hold that firmly.
Now you can start pulling gently on the yarn emerging from the top of your ladder.

I love this bit, when the stitch goes 'invisible'.
 Ta-da! That ladder has disappeared! Well, you can see a bit of the yarn I'm using to sew up, if you peer closely, but I think it's largely invisible.
I love this bit, when the stitch goes 'invisible'.

 Anyway, lets carry on joining squares shall we?!
I'd like you to repeat stages 1 to 5.

 Do exactly as you did with the first two squares.

 Now do your 'making the stitches invisible' bit, by pulling. Just make sure the bottom part of the yarn is held firmly in place.

 You can always hold your squares as above, so that when you pull the top stitches, you don't runkle up the stitches below.

 And there we have it, another row formed! Well done, you're doing brilliantly! You've mastered the 'invisible stitch'!

 For the purposes of this tutorial, I'm just going to demonstrate how to put together a small section of the 'Little Squares Scarf'.
So now we're going to do the outer two rows of the scarf.

 Basically, just follow stages 1 to 5, exactly as you did with the middle row.

this scarf consists of four squares wide. And in my scarf, all the outer squares are only sewn on one side, to allow them to be flappy.

 So when you come to sew up the horizontal lines, make sure you start and finish with the middle two squares only, otherwise your outer squares won't flap.

 As with the vertical rows, repeat stages 1 to 5, remembering to start at the edge of the second square in, as above.

 Carry on to the edge of the next square, and finish at the edge of that square.

 Do your pulling of the yarn thingamy-bob, where you make the stitches invisible.
And there you have it! One section of your scarf is complete! Well done.

 Thanks to Do you mind if I Knit for the tutorial

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