Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dog Silhouette Pillow

The back of the shirt became the top of the pillow. To add the doggy to that piece, I simply printed out a silhouette from the internet, cut out the pattern in black felt, & followed the instructions for Heat N Bond to appliqué it onto the pillow top.

  add a ribbon collar & an ear, also adhered with the Heat N Bond.

Once the doggy was on,  place the pillow pieces right sides together & sew around all 4 sides. This could possibly be the easiest pillow ever. You could use this method for all kinds of pillows!

Unbutton the back, turn it inside out & pressed with an iron. Inserted the pillow, button it back up & it is done!

 cute little pocket still intact.
thanks to Less than perfect for the tutorial 

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