Monday, April 13, 2015

Flip Flop refashion

Pretty cute huh? And suuuuuper comfy!! I’m kind of all about the comfyness. ;)
So here’s what you’ll need to make your very own pair –
• Flip Flops
• Fusible batting (enough for one layer on shoes)
• Heavyweight interfacing (same as above)
•Floral fabric (probably about a 1/4 yard)
• Linen or something for top of strap (small amount)
• Cotton Cording
• Glue of Choice – I used E-6000
Start by cutting the plastic tops off of your flip-flops.
Cut out your fabrics.
Cut out a piece of fusible batting and heavy weight interfacing, the size of each flip-flop.
Cut out your fabric about 1 1/2″ – 2″ larger than your flip flop.
Cut out two rectangles of print and 2 of linen – about 4″ x 8″. You need enough to go over the top of your foot and wrap under for gluing.
Iron your fusible interfacing onto the back of your printed fabric pieces.
Place the heavy-weight interfacing on the wrong side and press your fabrics tightly around the interfacing, so it is pulled snug but not so tight that the interfacing isn’t flat anymore.
Sew one linen rectangle to a printed rectangle – wrong sides together.
(If you don’t like raw edges, sew them right sides together and turn inside out).
Cut a strip of linen about 2″ wide and 3″ long.. Fold over each side and wrap around the center of the rectangle to make a bow.
Sew the center of the bow down on the underside.
Put the padded base on your flip flop and put your foot on it. Place the top section where you’d like it over your foot and tuck the ends between the padded base and the flip-flop base.
Pin the rectangle in place. You want it snug over your foot but not super tight. You don’t want blue toes after an hour or two.
Glue down the ends of the rectangle.
Add glue all over the flip-flop base. Make sure you get the edges well.
Place the padded base over the flip-flop base – clamp or set a heavy book on it so that the pieces stay together while drying.
I let mine dry overnight.
In the morning you’ll have cute new shoes – but they need something more.
There is a small space between the padded base and the foam.
Run some glue along the edge and add cotton cording into the space, all the way around the flip-flop.
Tuck the ends between the padding and the foam so they don’t show.
Make some little fabric flowers to add to the top. I layered the linen and print and topped it with a little circle of cording.
Glue those to the center of the top section and you’re all done!!
Painting your toenails to match your new shoes is optional. But preferred. ;)
UPDATE – I’ve worn them and they’re still super comfy. I’m not having any problems with the glue.
I wouldn’t wear them in the rain or anything – though I wouldn’t wear flip flops in the rain either. ;)
I hope you like them!!

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