Sunday, April 12, 2015

Turn One Old Jumper Into Two New Accessories

  I actually used a men’s sweater that I bought , you could buy one at a secondhand store or use an old one you already have. Otherwise, all you’ll need is: thread that matches your fabric, a needle or sewing machine, and pins.

Boot Cuffs


 Cut off the jumper sleeves. First cut the sleeves off along the seam, then cut straight across the top of each sleeve.

Hem the cut edge. This is just your most basic hemming. Fold the cut sleeve in toward the center about 1/4” or as closely as you can, then fold it again. Stitch along the folded edge. You can do this by hand, but a sewing machine will go much more quickly.


 Repeat for the second sleeve. And you’re done! These cuffs are great for wearing with leggings and high boots since they’ll cover your knees and aren’t bunchy over your calves


 Hint: The sweater I used was a men’s small and the sleeves happened to be the right size to fit snuggly. But if they’re too loose, before you hem cut off a strip of fabric along the length of the sleeve and resew so the leg warmer is narrower

 Cut off the torso of the sweater. Simply cut straight across from armpit to armpit.


 Size it. I wanted my cowl to fit a bit more closely so I turned inside out and pinned a few inches in from the fold. I then stitched along the pinned line, cutting off the excess fabric to make for a narrower cowl.


 Hem the cut end. This is exactly what you did for the leg warmers. Fold in the edges twice, then stitch along the fold.


 And you’re done! If your sweater is a bright hue like this one, this will last you through the cool beginnings of spring.



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