Monday, June 29, 2015

5 Simple Tips to Transition to a Paperless Kitchen

 Stock up on enough cloths to replace napkins and paper towels.

 You want to make sure you have enough cloths that you aren’t doing laundry everyday.  I’m not doing more laundry than I was before.  I just throw the cloths in with the rest of the towels I’m washing anyway.  We have 20+ cloth napkins on hand.  I didn’t buy them all at once.  I got a whole bunch are random napkins   It doesn't matter  that they don’t all match, in fact I kind of love that they don’t.  You can pick up cloth napkins whenever you see them on sale to start your collection. Great stores to get for great prices, especially if you find sales, are Target and even op shops


Have all your cloths in a convenient place.

Our cloth napkins are in a basket on our dining table.  In my eyes, it looks fine for everyday use.  If we are entertaining, it’s easy enough to put away and replace with a nice centerpiece.


two cookie jars and put them by the sink, within arm’s reach. In one are the cloths designated for drying food, and in the other are the cloths designated for wiping up spills.  Having these in a convenient place is key.  You don’t want this process to be less convenient than using paper products.


 The two other types of cloths we have are for hand drying and dish drying.  Those are kept on separate sides in a drawer by our sink.  One hand drying cloth is kept on the dishwasher handle, used for drying clean hands, and is replaced each day.  The dish-drying towels are kept in the drawer until needed.



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