Monday, November 30, 2015

Braided Rug Tutorial: Recycling old towels

You will need three bath towels for an average size rug

Fold each towel in half and cut into 1.5 in strips. 

 I am sure many of you are saying "where is her rotary cutter?"  I don't have one so I did this old school.

 Once everything is cut I sewed 3 strips, one of each color together.

Then get those fingers warmed up because there was A LOT of braiding going on.  I folded the raw edges to the inside to minimize fraying.

 After you braid one set of strips you sew on another.  and another ...and another Until you have a giant long braided rope of towels.

  twist the center and wrap it around then hand stitched the rows into place.

 stitch it all together on the back with a heavy duty needle and some thread and then your are finished.

These rugs work well in bathrooms and kitchens or of course on tiled floors and can be pretty much made into any shape you desire

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