Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sewing cotton holders

Magic ideas

This little doodad is called a fastener...I think. Bring this picture with you to the hardware store and tell them you want this thingamabob.

 The loop slides off the metal stick with a spring like tension...nothing to unscrew. Why do you need all these things, well......

 Tah dah! They all hold thread. Big deal you say, well look a little further.

 They can hold three to four different colored bobbins if you're appliqueing different fabrics in one project.

But the cute part comes when you add an old sterling silver necklace!!! You are going to be the talk of the town. No seriously, the town will talk about you if they see you wearing this in public. This is for home use or at your guild. If you are a daring trend setter, well have at it.

Isn't cute. You can sew til your heart's content without searching down the couch cushion for your thread or have it rolling across the floor as it falls off your lap when you stand up.

 Go forth and conquer your fear of the hardware store. Walk in there with your heads high and say..."I would like a 4" eye bolt to make a necklace for my thread" If you say it with confidence, they won't give it a second thought. If your voice waivers even a little, they'll call security!!! lol

Thanks to sew many ways for the tutorial



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  1. this is the most amazing idea EVER love it and what a great way to keep scissors and cottons close


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