Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Freezer as a root cellar

This is easy and a great way to recycle

remove all of the working parts and cut two holes in each side.   (Note:  if your appliance still contains freon, certified individuals can be hired for freon removal or these services may be available at area junk yards or recycling centers.)  To the holes  attach PVC pipe for air circulation.  When in the ground, it looked like someone had buried a semi.  A tarp was partly buried as well in order to protect the freezer and allow easier access during icy conditions.  We later added a sheet of insulation under the tarp as well.  we suggest making  crates for easier storage and better air circulation.With hopeful trepidation,be  careful to store only the best potatoes and packed the smaller ones in the upper boxes and use use them first.

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