Sunday, July 9, 2017

3 ingredient slow cooker fruit cake

This really is easiest cake to make and it is moist as well as freezable


1 kilo of dried fruit (I used sultanas for this cake with cranberries)
3 cups of Chocolate milk ( you can also use, tea, fruit juices, soft drinks coffee the list goes on)
3 cups of self raising flour

SOAK fruit in what every your liquid of choice is over night so 24 hours no less but more time is fine

remove from fridge and sift flour into mixture

This should be a wet mixture so add more liquid if it is dry after mixing

line slow cooker with grease proof paper
Spoon in mixture

place lid and remember to place a tea towel under the lid to stop moisture landing on cake.
Cook on high for about 3-3 1/2 hours however every cooker is different so check to see if the cake has bounce when you gently press down on the mixture

Once cooked remove from cooker and leave to cool

once cooled ice if you like and enjoy

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