Monday, January 29, 2018

Buying water

I am not sure why so many people continue to buy water in plastic bottles when they can filter their own at home and refill long life bottles, Coles and Woolworths Australia sell cheap water which people continue to buy. Do you know that you are paying more for water than petrol What does that tell you, ? it says you are either lazy or a mug so time to change your ways.

I got onto ebay and found a bench top water filter for $55 dollars and would never be without it, it came with the filter and you only need to change the filter every year, the new filters come on sale at about $25 each so add that up and see which is the better deal, bottled water from a supermarket or filtered at home.

Buying  smart makes for smart savings.

give it a go it saves you money, and saves the planet from more waste

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