Monday, August 24, 2015

Car Caddy for crafters

Materials Needed:

  • cup holder-the kind that hangs from the car window
  • recycled can- mine was a pineapple can. (most cans now do not have a sharp edge on them, but just check to make sure.)
  • fabric
  • optional trim- ric rac or ribbon
  • tape measure

  •  Instructions:
    Measure around the can...not too tight. Add 1 inch for seam allowance. My example: picture below is 11 1/2" plus 1" equals 12 1/2". This measurement will be the width of the body and the width of the pocket.

Next, measure the depth of the inside of the can (write this down, because you will need this first measurement later on).

 Keeping the tape measure still in the can, drape it over the outside to the bottom of the can. My example: the total inside depth of my can to the outside is 9" plus 1" for seam allowance which equals 10".

 Cutting fabric:

The body of the caddy is made from the above measurements. For my example, I cut my fabric for the body 12 1/2" wide x 10" high.

The pocket has a finished height of 3" plus 1 inch for seam, so I cut my fabric 12 1/2" wide by 4" high.

 Working on Pocket:
Fold over the top edge (long edge) 3/4".

 Iron to set the fold.

Open up and fold over the raw edge into the fold line. Sew with matching thread.

 Here you will sew on the optional trim.

 Now, place the body fabric right side DOWN with the longer edge (12.5") on the bottom. Place the pocket right side DOWN on the wrong side of body fabric. In other words, both right sides are facing down.

Sew the bottom edge with a 1/4" seam allowance...mine is sewn in red.

Turn body over to the right side and fold up pocket. Press seam.
Close up picture of pressed lower edge.

At this point, you will be sewing the seams for each little pocket. This step is totally up to you, because everyone has different things they will be putting into their caddy. Just start at the top of the pocket and sew through all thicknesses until you reach the bottom edge. Back stitch to secure. Make some wide and some narrow. My pockets hold eye glasses, pens, seam ripper, ruler etc...

Once you have sewn all your pockets, you will need to sew the side seam. Keeping the bottom edge closest to you, fold over the left side over to the right. Pin the top half of the body. Remember the previous measurement of the inside of the can, mine was 4 1/2" in fourth photo...add 1/2" -1" to your measurement and sew down from the top edge.

I sewed mine 5" down from the top edge.

Here's another picture of the full piece.

This next part is not the greatest, but the finished seam is on the back of the caddy against the door, so no one will see it. If you can come up with something better, please let me know and I can pass it on to every one.
At this point, your final piece will have 2 edges at the end of the pockets that are left unfinished. They have to be finished separately, because they have to go over the hook of the cup holder on either side. I just turned my raw edge over twice and sewed down the edge. You could zig zag or serge it too.

The last step is to maybe finish the top edge of the body (the top edge in the picture below). This top edge is the part that goes in the can, so you don't see it. You can hem it, but I just trimmed mine with pinking sheers so it wouldn't fray. 
Take that edge, that I pinked, and place that in the can (wrong side of body up against the inside of can) and then fold over the can to reveal the pockets. Here you have it...the perfect little helper while traveling in the car. I use mine for sewing in the car, but it's great for any crafts or crayons for the kids in the back seat. Easily hangs from the door, close by...yet out of the way!! Don't forget to add the pincushion for the handle. It's shown in the first picture.

thanks to sew many ways for the tutorial

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