Monday, December 14, 2015

Trick to double your BUTTER!

Trick to double your BUTTER! 


 Isn't everything better with butter?!

Butter, is however, more expensive ... plus, there's no lo-cal alternative.
Butter is butter.

This is what makes this trick so wonderful!
You can double your butter, turning 1 stick into 2!
All you need is butter & water.


 Start off by bringing your 

butter to room temperature.

{I always buy my butter at Aldi. 
Unless it's on sale somewhere, Aldi price is always better.}

In a mixing bowl using your electric mixer, whip the butter & begin adding in
1/2 c. of lukewarm water, a bit at a time.
Continue mixing until water is completely blended with the butter.

Here's the 'whipped' butter that you end up with:


I LOVE this trick!!
It not only stretches your butter, it stretches your dollar ... & cuts your calories!
So, to recap:  equal parts butter to water.
Easy peasy.
I keep a tub of this on the counter where it stays perfectly soft & ready for use.
The additional tubs {I do several lots at a time}, I store in the fridge.
Let it come to room temp. before using.
Don't use this whipped butter for baking ... stick with the real butter for that.

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