Sunday, October 22, 2017

stretching mince

Making each meal go further is always handy and a great way to save money

There isn’t a strict recipe to follow. For every kilo of meat, I use about the same  of veggies.  I use a combination of carrots, onion and/or celery,  depending on what I have on hand.   This time, I had carrots and onions from our garden and some celery that was starting to get floppy in the fridge.

I really like the soup packs you get in the veg section of coles as they are around $4. and have some really good veg in the pack 

 Start by washing and peeling your veggies.  Then, using a food processor, puree the vegetables.

 The meat and vegetables go in the pan together and I brown them just as I would plain meat.  

It is a little more steamy since the veggies have lots of water in them.

This is a really good way to add vegetables to your diet and if you have kids then it is a great way to hide vegetable lol

please enjoy

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